Discovery Denture Center

Dental Implants

Why should you consider dental implants? Implant supported dentures are the best way to stabilize your denture, it will eliminate the cost associated with purchasing denture adhesives and eliminate sore spots. Implants are more affordable then ever and there are many new implant systems available. It will help to eliminate embarrassing signs of loose or poor-fitting dentures, including speech problems, clicking noises and problems eating. You will regain confidence and your quality of life will improve... When you can't eat, it can have an effect on your overall health.

Process for Getting New Dental Implants

Make an appointment with our office for a consultation

We will consult with you and check your dentures and provide you with additional information about implants. How you what a implant supported denture looks like and then we will give you a referral to the Oral Surgeon he will talk with you about what is involved in getting implants.

Referral to Oral Surgeon

The surgeon will talk with you about what is involved in getting implants.

Once you decide to have implants

A simple surgical procedure will be scheduled and the implants will be placed by the Oral Surgeon and we will see you in our office soon after to take an impression, to place the attachments in the denture.