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Denture Relines

If your dentures are causing you discomfort, it may be time for a reline. When you lose your teeth, the average person loses 1/2 mm of jawbone each year. Your gum tissues also shrink with the loss of jawbone. In ten years, that could equal 1/4 of an inch. Your gum tissue can shrink even more if you have lost weight or have a medical condition, such as osteoporosis. As your gums shrink, your dentures no longer fit the way they used to. A reline can restore the fit of your denture.

A  denture reline refits the denture to the gums by way of a new  impression. A reline may provide a solution to a loose-fitting denture. The  reline sometimes can be completed while you are in the treatment chair,  but it often needs to be finished at our in - house lab. Denture relines can usually be completed the same day.

The Denturist will discuss with you the type of reline that will be most appropriate for your needs.


Reline Options

Temporary liner
Usually used for initial placement of dentures after extractions.

Soft liner
Acts as a "cushion" to anchor the denture properly in your mouth

Hard liner
Last longer, Feels the same as your denture


Your denturist will do an evaluation to verify that a reline is the best treatment plan for you, answer any questions that you may have and discuss the financial aspects of your treatment plan.

At this time, we will take your denture and grind out the inside to make room for the impression material and the new lining. We will then place impression material in your denture and place it in your mouth. After the impression, you will need to leave your denture with us for up to 24 hours depending upon the type of reline you and your denturist have decided would be the best for you.

Reline Placement Appointment:
This appointment is scheduled for you to come in and have your denture placed. Your denturist may need to make some adjustments for you at this time. You may need to call for further follow up adjustments after you wear your denture for a couple of days. Remember, the inside of your denture is brand new, so if you should need more than one adjustment appointment, this is considered normal and varies from person to person.



Your Denturist can help you determine which reline is right for you.