Discovery Denture Center

Denture Repair

Please do not try to repair the denture yourself. This may result in the need for a new denture and standard charges will apply.

Please call, it is best if we know what you need.

There are four types of repairs, simple repairs, repairs that require impressions, and both can be reinforced with mesh. The Denturist will need to  see the denture to determine which type of repair is required. Different fees apply to each type of repair. It may not be possible to repair an older  denture that has experienced considerable wear. Denture repairs can usually be completed the same day.



Denture Repair using eFiber and Perma Mesh, reinforces areas in acrylic resin, for use in a new prosthesis or for repair of an existing prosthesis.

There are patients that somehow are able to break just about any denture, as a result of dropping or running over with the car! As a result, we repair full and partial dentures over and over again. Perma Fiber and eFiber Mesh are a new techniques in fiberglass reinforcement for partial and full removable dentures.